Hey Guys, this week’s tips are intended to prepare players for post patch gameplay. Rex indicated on twitter that the patch should be dropping this week, so we felt it was necessary to start preparing properly. We included a new blitz this week that we feel won’t get touched by the patch, if it does, we will try to fix it. It is a 5 man blitz that can’t be slid or blocked if ran properly.  We also feel like a lot of players will be leaning heavily on max coverage man defenses and also Outside heat as soon as the patch hits, so we show you how to effectively run the ball against these type of defenses. By now everyone has some type of Gun Inside Zone D, so it’s time to broaden our horizon and utilize other runs that destroy these D’s!


  1. 46 Bear Under- LB Dogs 3PREMIUM ONLY
  2. 46 Bear Under LB DogsPREMIUM ONLY
  3. Why a “D Jones” type Qtrs 137 Defense Works, + 2 Key Run Plays that Destroy this D or any max Coverage Defense, while also destroying Outside Heat like 335 OddWeek Trial + Premium