This week in our Tips we are giving you guys a preview of what is to come from our New Defensive Ebook. The patch was the best thing to happen to us as far as new content because we’ve found a ton of great new concepts and blitz schemes you all will love. This Dime Normal is just a sample of what is to come with this guide so if you are liking this new Dime, just wait on what else we have in store 😉

ALSO PLEASE READ : We are recording this ebook differently then in the past. All of our ebooks from now on will be put out in phases. Phase 1 will be the Blitzes and Coverage Defenses but not focused too much on adjustments and scheming as a whole. Phase 1 will get put out first before anything else. It gives us the ability to get out the content quick to you guys without us necessary spending too much time worrying exactly how to stop certain things or making the D perfect. Then next will be Phase 2 which is key adjustments to the Defenses we already posted. So lets take Dime Normal for example, we didn’t really lab run defense or using it against certain formations yet. Phase 2 is intended to add to each scheme after we have more lab time with it, and thats without making you wait for the meat and potatoes. Phase 2 will drop a few days to a week after Phase 1. Phase 3 is going to be the scheme and gameplays of the D ebooks from now on. That will drop a week after Phase 2. This gives us again some more time to use the Defenses in real game situations to see exactly the best optimal way of using everything and what specifically to use against certain formations and offenses. Our D’s will be more battle tested at that point. This is something that we test with every ebook, but at least now you won’t have to wait for us to do this without seeing the main content first. Finally Phase 4 will be anything we want (and more importantly anything you all want that we may have missed) updated with the guide. So that can be New Heat, New ways of running the defenses we already posted, or just anything at all we want to add before closing out the ebook. Phase 4 will come out roughly a week after Phase 3. So all 4 Phases will be about a month process total from the time of Phase 1’s ebook release.

We feel this will get our content out quicker and you can see the main things we want to show right away without making you guys wait for everything else. It will also make things less overwhelming because you’re not getting hit with all of it at once. I think this will really be beneficial for our New Offensive Guides moving forward as well. If we did Saints ebook all over again, Phase 1 would have been Singleback Tight Slots and then a few other formations necessary for initial scheme, Phase 2 would have been secondary formations, Phase 3 adjustments and new variations to all of the plays broken down, and Phase 4 Gameplays, Gameplan and anything New we wanted to add. The way we break down the Phases may change depending on that specific ebook, but either way expect guides from now on to be broken down like this to speed up our process without sacrificing quality. I think it works out for both us and you guys. If you have any feedback on this, we would love to hear it. Thanks guys and enjoy this Dime Normal Scheme.

** We will be recording the Rest of Phase 1 throughout the course of this week. Ebook dropping next Sunday is what I would guess if I had to pick a day but it may come out sooner depending on how much faster these videos will take to record than usual. **


  1. Dime Normal – 4 Man Defensive Tackle A Gap BlitzPREMIUM ONLY
  2. Dime Normal – 3 Man Left Outside Blitz WEEK TRIAL AND PREMIUM
  3. Dime Normal – Meshing Everything Together and Disguising the Blitz PREMIUM ONLY
  4. Dime Normal- 4 Man Defensive Tackle A Gap Blitz – UPDATED *New Setup*


  1. Hmm. I tried this out in two MUT games and couldn’t get the a gap to come in even one time. I used a bunch of different personnel types to see if it would affect the blitz and nothing worked. I did get it to come in consistently in practice mode but that doesnt help me. Has anyone tried it in regular online h2h or CFM?

  2. I was having the same issue. Tried it as a scheme coming out in a cover 4 or 2. Choosing a side to send heat from from what the opponent lined up in… And it didn’t work. It DID work a few times in solo challenges for MUT but as the MLB I had to be 5-8 yards off the ball, and the LoS shoulder of that MLB had to be over the RoS shoulder of the center. But that was only in solo challenge on all madden. In h2h for mut the offside walkout reblitz boost does work, but it’s risky. But the a gap heat from the right did not work for me online against another user

    • Interesting guys.. we did not try it in a MUT game to be completely honest with you. We did find and lab this extensively in Online Unranked games though and it was noticeably better online than in pmode for us. Could be that the players on the Oline on MUT is so much better than regular teams. We will look into it. Or maybe something as weird as the Left DT needing to be slow/ low overall. We will find the solution because it needs to work on MUT.

  3. It makes sense that it falls short on MUT since teams can be stacked. I just wanted to be informative that I couldn’t get it to work. Is it possible that my opponent happen to pinch or slide his oline to counter the a gap heat, yes it’s very possible. I just wanted to give feedback as to my small experiences with the blitz

  4. Hey guys we saw these comments and went back in to look at it and kind of figured out why sometimes it didn’t work. We added an updated 4th video for this week addressing the 4 man A Gap. Check it out! Thanks

  5. Just wanna make sure that you folks here at MD don’t take my comments as complaints. Just some causal feedback from a user who tried it. It’s very possible I was messing it up, but just wanted to bring it to the attention of you guys.

  6. Hey Lucky- Not at all. We definitely don’t see it that way. If someone is having an issue with something we prefer it be brought to our attention so we can correct. You deserve to get everything you paid for!