As we are about to release our New Madden 16 Bengals (HellInACell) Defensive Ebook, Rich jumped in the lab to include some new defenses that are found in Cinci’s Defensive Playbook, but that weren’t already inside our New guide. This was done and designed to give us some additional Defenses to throw at our opponent with all of the great content that we already broken down from our New Guide. For 335 and Dime, we will be utilizing the Show Blitz feature to get an overload on the left to get Defensive End B Gap heat to either side. We also then have overload heat from the right side with the same exact look that gets B Gap Pressure to the left and right side.



  1. Nickel 335 – Crash 2 (Show Blitz Scheme)Premium Only
  2. Nickel 335 – Cover 2 Man (Show Blitz Scheme) – Premium Only
  3. Nickel 335 – SS Mike Cross (Show Blitz Scheme) Premium Only
  4. Dime Normal Show Blitz SchemeWeek Trial + PremiumĀ 



** Also – New Hell In A Cell Defensive Ebook Expected to Drop Monday or Tuesday this Week. Vids are all done and we just have to get things coded and organized. Can’t wait as much as you guys can’t! Everything is almost done. Here’s a sneak peak of the Ebook Cover

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