In this week, we are breaking down an absolute money scheme from the Pistol Playbook. Shout out to m3 Della with the help of the Offense as he’s been using Pistol PB all year with major success!! This works for all systems (360, Xbox One, Ps3, and Ps4.) We broke down both LEFT and RIGHT outside heat for Next Gen out of the 245 DT formation (same formation as week 1’s DT A Gap blitz) , and also we broke down what is arguably the best max coverage / blitz defensive scheme for Current Gen. That exact defensive scheme is what our crew member Joke uses, and so does the likes of Serious Moe and Los who are the best 2 players in the world!  Enjoy Week 3’s Tips and Stay Tuned for Week 4!!!   Pistol Scheme (Both Next Gen and Current Gen)

1. Pistol – Twin TE  (Current Gen and Next Gen)

2. Pistol – Twin TE Slot (Current Gen and Next Gen)

3. Pistol – Ace  (Current Gen and Next Gen)

4. Nickel 245 DT – Outside Heat from both Left and Right Side with very few rushers! (Next Gen – Xbox One and Ps4)

5. Nickel Wide Nine Defensive Scheme – Quick blitz with also one of the best max coverages in the game! (Current Gen – 360 & Ps4)