It’s about that time again! Remember, my picks are for the point spreads.


Jets at Dolphins (Jets by 2.5): We have seen the Jets shred a lowly Bills defense and come up short against the vaunted Steelers. A game at Miami should be closer to the Buffalo performance. I’ll take the favorite.

Pick: Jets

Random Score Prediction: Jets win 23-20


Lions at Titans (Lions by 3.5): I’m surprised this wasn’t higher. Tennessee is a futile football team, and all-time fantasy killer Chris Johnson is the epitome of the struggle. Go with Detroit here.

Pick: Lions

Random Score Prediction: Lions win 27-13


Jaguars at Colts (Colts by 3): The Jags are equally as incomptent as the Titans and will face #1 draft pick Andrew Luck, who will enjoy his home-field advantage. I support Luck.

Pick: Colts

Random Score Prediction: Colts win 24-16


Chiefs at Saints (Saints by 9): Crazy to think that both of these teams are 0-2, right? Neither team has anything resembling a defense; I think it’ll be a close shootout.

Pick: Chiefs

Random Score Prediction: Saints win close 34-31


Buccaneers at Cowboys (Cowboys by 7.5): This is my take on Greg Schiano’s QB kneel issue: If you’re winning against Schiano’s Bucs and you need to take a knee, just DO IT OUT OF SHOTGUN. YOUR QUARTERBACK WON’T GET TOUCHED. What’s the difference between 2 rushing yards lost and 5 rushing yards lost?

Pick: Cowboys

Random Score Prediction: Cowboys win 27-17


Rams at Bears (Bears by 7.5): I refuse to take the Bears with Jay Cutler throwing interceptions as casually as a drunk Englishman throws darts. The Rams’ defense is hungry and will take the ball a few times.

Pick: Rams

Random Score Prediction: Rams win 17-14


49ers at Vikings (49ers by 7): The Niners could be the strongest team in the league right now. I feel confident with these guys.

Pick: 49ers

Random Score Prediction: Niners win 28-17


Bengals at Redskins (Redskins by 3): RGIII! RGIII! RGIII!

Pick: Redskins

Random Score Prediction: Skins win 24-20


Bills at Browns (Bills by 3): This features two of the brightest young running backs in C.J. Spiller and Trent Richardson. This game relies on whether or not Brandon Weeden can keep the football. I don’t think so.

Pick: Bills

Random Score Prediction: Bills win 24-19


Falcons at Chargers (Chargers by 3): Interesting matchup here. Can San Diego stop Atlanta’s aerial attacks? We’ll see.

Pick: Falcons

Random Score Prediction: Falcons win 30-24


Texans at Broncos (Texans by 2): Fantastic test for Peyton Manning to see if he’s really got some left in the tank. I don’t think he’ll emerge victorious, however.

Pick: Texans

Random Score Prediction: Texans win 28-23


Steelers at Raiders (Steelers by 4): For no evident reason, I think Oakland will cover. Don’t ask me why.

Pick: Raiders

Random Score Prediction: Steelers win by a field goal 24-21


Eagles at Cardinals (Eagles by 3.5): No one knows what to make of the Cardinals. Are they a good football team? Can their defense hold up against Philly? Sure, why not?

Pick: Cardinals

Random Score Prediction: Cards win 19-17


Patriots at Ravens (Ravens by 3): This is the game of the week in my book. Expect a rough, physical game to be decided by the least intimidating player on the field (yup, a kicker). But I’m going with Tom Brady in prime time.

Pick: Patriots

Random Score Prediction: Pats win 27-24


Packers at Seahawks (Packers by 3.5): I don’t know if Russell Wilson can defeat the Packers. Green Bay still has a top-5 team on paper and are set to deliver.

Pick: Packers

Random Score Prediction: Packers win 32-20