This week we added some really nice Nickel 155 Prowl Plays to add to your scheme. A lot of our members already said that the Nickel Prowl Scheme we posted a couple months ago was one of their favorites. Well we made it even better!

We stream on a lot. The other day, when watching Stiff play, I noticed he was using another defense in the Prowl scheme. He had a nice Corner Back blitz that he was mixing in that helped out the other Defenses in the scheme. It made me go back into the Lab to check out this Nickel Prowl Defense again. We found some nice things this week that I think you guys will really like!

Before we start, Here is Part 1 of our Nickel Prowl Scheme that we broke down previously on Week 12.


1. Nickel 155 Prowl – Stiff’s Corner Back Blitz

2. Nickel 155 Prowl – Using the idea of a CB Blitz, to create a 3 Man B Gap Blitz! (2 variations)

3. Nickel 155 Prowl – 3 Man Left Side Heat