This week we are ending the Madden 25 Season with a scheme from Rich’s Custom Playbook. Since Madden 25 is pretty much over, instead of going through setup and play specifics, Rich breaks down concepts he uses and things that may also work in Madden 15. This will hopefully be the last Membership Tip for Madden 25 with the demo and Madden 15 dropping REALLY SOON!


The Scheme is Based off 3 Formations that Fit the Same Personnel. 2-2-1


1. Pistol Ace

– Coming Out in a Play and Formation to force your opponent to Adjust

2. Single back Big TE Flip

– Having a Money Pass Play you can Audible to. (Forcing Opp to go in Zone)

3. Single back Ace Close (Tight Slots from SF Playbook)

– Having a Dominant Set in your audibles that utilizes key glitchy Madden Concepts