What’s up guys! This week we are showing you how to counter 2 of the very best blitzes in the game out of the Pittsburgh Steeler’s playbook using the SB Ace Pair Flex. You can also take the concepts discussed in the video and apply them to any set you run, not just SB Ace Pair Flex.

Rich is also back with another great DT A-Gap blitz out of 34 Over. The best part about this blitz is that is does very well against the run, especially 01 traps, which have been known to gash 3 down lineman sets. Not anymore!


1. How to Counter 34 Bear Cover 2 Invert out of Pittsburgh’s Offensive Playbook (PREMIUM ONLY)

2. How to Counter 43 Wide 9 out of Pittsburgh’s Offensive Playbook (PREMIUM ONLY)

3. 34 Over – DT A Gap Blitz (PREMIUM + WEEK TRIAL)

4. Stopping the RUN out of 34 Over (PREMIUM + WEEK TRIAL)

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