Hey guys. This week we wanted to break down a very important money scheme out of I Form Tight Pair. Its important to be able to slow the game down in certain spots and also be able to pass effectively out of running sets in big moments throughout the game. Although the scheme isn’t ground breaking material, we feel its very important for players to have in their arsenal. Along with the nice passing plays out of tight pair and runs we will also be adding more videos to this week (NOT out of this Formation). For now, please enjoy these following videos with more to be uploaded!

  1. I Tight Pair Runs
  2. I Tight Pair- PA Power O
  3. I Tight Pair – Shot Post
  4. Quarters Normal – UPDATED A GAP BLITZ




  1. wow im still not allowed to view content after multiple tickets opened its been way over a week now cmon fellas. Will i be credited for the time missed?

  2. I emailed you guys several days ago. I even asked Litez during his stream to check the email and still nothing. I still cant see the content i paid for. Sorry if I am being difficult but this is frustrating.