34 Even is arguably the best Madden 15 Defense. One of the weaknesses of the old original setup was stopping the run and we fixed that with our Previous 34 Even Setup. Another weakness to 34 Even is that the A Gap blitz doesn’t come in against under center formations. Well we fixed that as well! In this week’s tips, we are showing a New Way of running 34 Even.. a way that gets NANO DT A Gap heat against Undercenter!

We originally planned to post more Tennessee Titans Offensive Videos this week, but finding this Defensive Scheme changed everything. We would be doing you guys a disservice if we did’t get this game changing scheme to you guys asap. We hope you Enjoy!


(THIS WEEK WILL BE FOR PREMUM MEMBERS ONLY. Next Week we will include 2 of our Videos for Week Trial Members because of this.)

1. 34 Even DT A Gap Blitz Part 1 PREMIUM ONLY

2. 34 Even DT A Gap Blitz Part 2PREMIUM ONLY

3. 34 Even 4 Man Rush DT A Gap + Run DefensePREMIUM ONLY



  1. Maddendaily I have a shotgun scheme that eliminate the 34 even blitz and yes im not blocking six and yes I can run out this set as well hmu.

  2. I purchased Steelers and Eagles book which I can access. I’m also paying monthly for membership and can not access it. What do I do?

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