This week we are finishing up the Steelers Offense with the best 2 Point Conversion play in Madden 15, Advanced Setups for Ace Pair Chief against top tier blitzes & opponents, and finally all of the ways to use Ace Pair Chief in the Red Zone! You can take the key information from the Red Zone Ace Pair Chief vid and bring it into other formations as well!

This is the conclusion of the Steelers Offensive Playbook. Next week we will conclude the Titans Offense w/ more tips and game plays. Then after that… GET READY FOR A MEMBERS ONLY DEFENSIVE EBOOK!



1. Advanced Setups for Singleback Ace Pair Chief (Flex)PREMIUM ONLY

2. Using Singleback Ace Pair Chief in the Red Zone (Everything You Need to Know, Setups for Multiple Plays, and New Concepts Of Getting the Spectacular Catch Animations!) – WEEK FREE TRIAL AND PREMIUM

3. The Best 2 Point Conversion Play in Madden 15 !PREMIUM ONLY


    • It’s actually in the Steelers Playbook Joseph; not KC. It used to be in KC’s book but they got rid of it a couple of years ago