This week we will be concluding the remaining Defenses from our 34 Defensive Scheme. We will also be starting our New Members Only Defensive Ebook that will be Catered to 4 Down Lineman Formations; starting with the Dime Normal Set.

In this Members Only 43 Ebook, we will be revising some key potent plays and setups but also breaking down brand new unique concepts and schemes to keep installing “freshness” to Madden 15.

After this week, we have broken down almost everything possible with the 34 sets. Now it’s time to re switch our focus to 4-3!


1. 34 Odd – Def End A Gap out of our Pinched D Line “Run D Setup Look”PREMIUM ONLY

2. 34 Odd – Very Simple Smoke Screen DefensePREMIUM ONLY

3. 34 Odd – Dual Outside Heat w/ Pinched D Line “Run D Setup Look”PREMIUM ONLY


Start of the 43 (4 Down Lineman) Members Only Defensive Ebook

4. DT Gap That works against SG, UC, and Pistol out of the Dime FormationWEEK FREE TRIAL AND PREMIUM