This week we are bringing you some really nice Madden 16 concepts to take your game to the next level. We are breaking down the Best Way to Run the Ball using the Cut Back. We then show you one of the Best runs to do this. We show you the secret to the User Tackle, and then finally we show an unbumpable man beating motioned route that kills any type of man coverage.

We definitely suggest you guys utilize these concepts in your game.. Enjoy!


  1. Secret Concept to the Run Game WEEK TRIAL AND PREMIUM
  2. Great Run using this concept ^PREMIUM ONLY
  3. Secret to the User TacklePREMIUM ONLY
  4. Motioned Man Killing RoutePREMIUM ONLY



  1. When stopping the run, how do you decide what saftey to user when the RB is right behind the QB, I.e. Pistol, Singleback Ace, and I formations?