Rich is back with a complete Scheme Breakdown from the Singleback Tight Doubles Formation. We are using the Texans Offensive Playbook in the vids but this set is also found in Atlanta, Baltimore, Houston, San Diego, and West Coast. We are really focusing on motions this week to create so many different looks from this 1 formation. These looks are very similar to the formations that were the most popular and successfully used at the Madden Championship. We are going to attack the Defense with similar concepts and motions of Singleback Tight Slots (Stiffs Offense), Gun U Trips Wk (Litez Offense), and Bunch TE (Kiv and Spot Me’s Offense.) All of this can be done from Tight Doubles!


  1. Singleback Tight Doubles IntroWeek Trial and Premium
  2. Singleback Tight Doubles – Slot CornerPREMIUM ONLY
  3. Singleback Tight Doubles – Texan Drag In PREMIUM ONLY
  4. Singleback Tight Doubles – WR Corner PREMIUM ONLY
  5. Singleback Tight Doubles – PA Rollout PREMIUM ONLY