This week we are breaking down what many people say is the Best Madden 16 Offense from 1 of the Best Madden 16 players this year. We are covering Spot Me Please’s Indy Gun Bunch TE’s scheme. We spoke with Taylor (Spot Me) and he broke down all of his setups and reads for his Offense for us. We then went ahead and did a video for each 1 of his plays in the Bunch TE set. Hope you guys enjoy !


Shout Out to Spot Me Please for sharing his scheme with our Community.


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Twitter – @TRob28


  1. Gun Bunch TE – X Spot PREMIUM & WEEK FREE TRIAL
  2. Gun Bunch TE – TE Corner PREMIUM ONLY
  3. Gun Bunch TE – PA All Cross PREMIUM ONLY
  4. Gun Bunch TE – Inside SwitchPREMIUM ONLY
  5. Gun Bunch TE – Inside Cross and Scheme SummaryPREMIUM ONLY