We are officially done with videos specific to Madden 15. Every video from now on will be pertaining to helping you guys succeed in Madden 16! This week we are going to show key ways to attack the sidelines and middle of the field in any madden, plus 1 of our favorite routes that work every single year no matter how the coding or programming is. We are going to teach how to use this route as a compliment to whatever the most popular Madden 16 Concepts will be.


**Please note, our website will be down this upcoming week as we are upgrading the entire look of the site. New layout, new features, and much much more! This is going to take a few days to implement. This is why we decided to upload this week’s vids on Youtube as opposed to what we normally do. Please copy the links to the YT videos so you can watch them at any time.¬†Everything should be done and complete before next weekend and next week’s Premium vids. **

**Let us know what you would like to see from us with our new website look and layout. One thing we are trying to solve is the fact that we know we are getting bigger and there is going to be an issue with our tips being more mainstream and less exclusive with the more members we get. We are going to figure out a fair way to fix this but if you guys have any input then let us know. We are also looking to add a shout box chat box to our website. We are either making it public on the homepage, or making it private to only people that have bought any ebooks or Memberships from us. You can let us know what you think about this as well, plus any extra features you guys are looking to add. Any feedback helps… THANKS and Enjoy this Weeks Tips!! **


1. Attacking the Sidelines in Madden – Madden 16 Prep ( Week Trial and PREMIUM )

2. Attacking the Middle in Madden – Madden 16 Prep ( PREMIUM ONLY )

3. The Importance of the Running Back Angle Route in Any Madden – M16 Prep (PREMIUM ONLY)