After this week’s results, it’s definitely anyone’s game right now. Todd finally didn’t have a positive week (losing 1 point.) Even though he only lost 1 point, Geranium Stem went 3-0 and quickly grabbed 9 points to increase his total to 16. Fiasco and I received 4 points each this week and we’re slowly making our way to the top. Shawn, TheFreakJ, Sasuke2000, and Krisdauz also increased their total by 4 points this week. The beauty of this game is one great week puts you back in contention to win the contest. Geranium Stem is a prime example of this. He was at the bottom of the list all year but then did really well the last couple of weeks. Now he is only 2 points away from first place.

To all of the potential newcomers reading this right now, next week is the last week to enter this $150.00 competition. It’s completely free and all you have to do is sign up with DisQus and post your 3 favorite spreads for the week. Join in now before it’s too late!

Here are the Spreads for Week 6:

NFL Spreads for Week 6 - Madden Daily $150.00 Contest

You Must Select 3 Spreads

-A win equates to +3 points!
-A loss equates to -2 points!
-A tie equates to +1 point!

– You must play every week. You will lose 6 points if you decide not to play one week.

– Your picks must be in by 12:00 pm eastern time every Sunday

***REMEMBER, you must register with Disqus in order for your selections to be recorded. Register now by pressing the icon with the capital D on it. If you can’t find where to register, click here ****


  1. Cleveland, minn, green bay….and can u check on last week…i thought i picked atl, minn, and gb..that means i should of had 4 points last week