This week we broke down a Full (20+ plays) New Orleans Offensive Scheme. We also broke down a great Defensive Scheme out of Dime Flat for Current Gen. The reason why we are loving the Dime Flat / 46 Scheme is because we’re using a different philosophy on Defense than what we did in the Multi Ebook!


New Orleans Offensive Playbook Scheme (Preferably for Next Gen but most of scheme will work well on Current Gen)

Audibles + Scheme Intro

1. Single back Bunch Base Breakdown

2. Strong Close and Weak H Twins Breakdown   –

3. I Form Twins Flex and I Form Pro Breakdown

4. Money Plays That Do Not Fit the 2-1-2 Personnel (Bonus)


Dime Flat Defensive Scheme (Current Gen)  ~ Utilizing Press Coverage

1. Dime Flat – DB Man Blitz

2. Dime Flat – Man DB Strike

3. Dime Flat – Max Coverage

4. Gameplay of 46 Scheme / Dime Flat







  1. My only question is if they are running option or QB wrap/power does the pass committ defend the QB or RB and how does this do agianst the QB wrap/power? Other than that one question it’s great stuff. Thanks for what you guys are doing.