This week we are giving you guys a Great Defense to use on 4th and Short Situations. We even show you a way to Kill the QB Sneak without Run Committing! We then break down a new way we are using 43 Under. This Defense was used with great success at the $10k Dallas Tournament by JayThaTruth (Final 16) and Delph (Lost in Finals.) Finally, Stiff makes his debut buy showing us nice simple setups out of his money play Flood from the Gun Ace Twins Offset Formation. This is a good addition to what we broke down last week.


  1. Locking Up the QB Sneak or Anything on 4th and 1 PREMIUM ONLY
  2. New Way Of Using 43 Under PREMIUM ONLY
  3. Gun Ace Twins Offset Money Play from StiffWeek Free Trial and PREMIUM


  1. yes a lot of nice nanos, but you think you guys could show more nanos out of different 34 and 43 formations other than 34 odd and 43 under?