The theme of this weeks tips is everything about Cover 2 Zone. We show why it’s arguably the Best Zone Coverage in Madden 16. We also show the best way to blitz out of this coverage, and then how to lock up FB Dives, and Tosses with Cover 2 Zone. Finally, we show you one of our money plays that we use to kill Cover 2 Zone on Offense.

Enjoy these 4 Videos.. We Will Also Be Doing another Money play this week that Kills Cover 2 Zone as a Bonus Week 7 Tip video. So 4 videos now and 1 Bonus all regarding Cover 2 (our favorite Zone Defense.)


  1. Intro to Cover 2 Zone and How It’s Great to Use When Your Opponent tries to Deep Bomb Glitch you Week Free Trial and Premium
  2. Our Favorite Cover 2 Zone Blitz Scheme PREMIUM ONLY
  3. How to Lock Up FB Dives and Tosses using Cover 2 Zone PREMIUM ONLY
  4. Money Passing Play to Kill Zone.. including Cover 2 (playing the Chess Match) PREMIUM ONLY


Bonus Tip # 5 Coming Later This Week !


  1. Just in case yall didn’t know dude on utube madden coach is giving out literally the exact tips you guys gave this close to yall stuff to not be stolen