This week we are breaking down a great 3 Man DT A Gap Blitz out of 2 Man Under. 2 Man Under is a great Madden 16 Defense, so also having a DT Blitz with it makes it that much better! Since Man Coverage is so good, we wanted to break down 2 of our favorite Routes that DESTROYS MAN COVERAGE! We show you Rich’s favorite route and then Litez’ and Fiasco’s Favorite Route. Hope you guys enjoy !


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  1. Gun Bunch Wk – Divide (Top Money Play in Madden 16) Premium and Week Trial
  2. Best Man Killing Route in Madden 16PREMIUM ONLY
  3. 3 Man Defensive Tackle A Gap Blitz from 2 Man Under! PREMIUM ONLY
  4. BONUS TIP РEffectiveness of Motioned Out Running Back Wheel RoutesPREMIUM ONLY