This week we are going to be breaking down some key defenses that our Madden Staff writer Rich has been using to lock up his opponents. All 3 blitzes we are about to show are VERY GOOD! These are blitzes from the Nickel 155 Prowl, 34 Odd, and the 34 Even formation. All 3 of these Formations have been trending in the Madden Community and we show you what makes them so tough. We also show new things to these defenses that you may not know about! Also shout out to our Premium Member JayThaTruth! The 34 odd defense we are showing is actually his defense and it is FIRE… Enjoy!


1. Nickel 155 Prowl Shake Blitz Scheme – Week Free Trial and Premium

2. 34 Odd (Flipped) Blitz Scheme – Premium

3. 34 Even Blitz Scheme – Week Free Trial and Premium


  1. Ryan I here you…I paid for the D Ebook when it first came out 2 weeks or so later boom no heat nothing ,then these guys updated the D Ebook ,then the patch came …nothing good has happened since adjustments and everything these guys have asked us to do..still nothing…seems like this stuff only works offline not online…its horrible or I just don’t understand these simple explanations they give us…

    • This is not true at all i stream at least twice a week ONLINE and i show everyone that our plays works and still work. Heat still comes in. record yourself online and send it to us at and we will review what you may be doing wrong and then get back to you. Thanks

      • Stiff
        what difference will it make the you tube videos, the videos for this site, don’t you know people who work for sony and microsoft watch these videos then make patches to stop your ebook plays from working,wake up fellas…yes it works but not all teams can bring the heat necessary or have the players who are quick enough to engage these plays….
        When you guys came out with the first ebook I stopped several teams from scoring…now i can’t stop one damn team…I’m on my 5th PS4 account because I’m way under 500 on 4 of these accounts…and it cost 17.99 per account…i feel like crap spending all that money to have a decent record but, that’s my fault for setting up these different point is the ebook and the update hasn’t worked out for me… no matter how many adjustments ,tweaks , player substitutions or team I use it’s just not working….

        • Bro, you shouldn’t need an Ebook to win! Yes they help, yes they are an asset but these guys know what they are doing! Truth is the Ebook can only do so much! It still comes down to YOU as a play caller and as a user! I’ve made minor adjustments in my O and killed guys who had been throwing Ebook nanos at me cause they are still just plays…. Just play the game and have fun, who cares about your record!

      • Literally everything works for me, with the exception of the nickel 335 wide left side heat. The right side b gap heat works just fine

        • yeah i cant get the left to come but the right is straight gaaassssss! i cant believe you dudes are sitting there down talking these dudes effort. you will literally never get the customer service that these guys provide ANYWHERE. I mean these dudes are putting out yet ANOTHER update. i mean come on! these fellas first class. straight up!!

  2. These dudes who are straight up complaining are straight up terrible for the site. The defense WORKS! Team madden daily are going above and beyond for us…..offenses make adjustments to stop it. You have to adjust and stop runnin same play….I’m sick of you complainers saying it don’t work it does!!! MD you can’t please all, maybe it’s best for business if these dudes bounce from the madden daily community!!!

  3. I’m on my 5th PS4 account because I’m way under 500 on 4 of these accounts…and it cost 17.99 per account…i feel like crap spending all that money to have a decent record but….

    Ranked games really mean that much to you?!?! Wow….

  4. The 44 split is the best base defense in the game too me. the tip rich put out for it was good. I just run cover 2 invert and adjust out of it.

  5. Mine still work.. Maybe if you would stop blitzing every play you might win some games and stop buying accounts stay with one and step up ur game

  6. Antonio he’s talking bout adjusting to your opponent s formation so and reads as far as changing coverage. Zoning a particular area or playing man on particular guy….you have to adjust to your opponent. Remember all plays has a counter your job to adjust to your opponent. From what I’m reading for some places they think these plays MD giving them suppose to make the gr8 madden players and get wins. But just like you adjust your opponent does also to your blitzes, etc…

  7. you cant rely on blitzing every down to win…even when you watch them play theyre getting scored on…running base defense and gathering information to make late game adjustments to win….the left b gap i loved so much from them got patched but they added more defenses that work an im my own player as well…i had to adjust…get in the lab and find new things im comfortable with..with ebook access at a all time high everyone is decent. what makes a player good is where he moves his pieces on the chessboard..defense is just as much about anticipation as playing quarterback.

  8. I practiced the blitzes to the letter and they were not coming in. I played an online game and nothing worked. I did not blitz every down. I mixed it up. I know this is a website that helps you stay up to date on the latest trends in Madden. The issue alot of us are having is were paying to for something that were not getting and alot of your forum members have an issue with that. I know you dont control the patches or our ingame tactics. Something has to give. Thanks

  9. Derron this defense has drastically improved my record. I struggled with it in the beginning but once I got used to the adjustments in game time I started dominating on defense. One thing I will stress is that the A Gap stuff is situational and it is good to shock your opponent with it. Nickel 335 wide 9 is not great against under center and that is something to remember if you are playing someone who like coming out under center. Also the right side set up for the 335 wide 9 is way better than the left. Basically the updated videos after the patch are on point. I would suggest watching them again. Not saying you missed anything, but you’d be surprised how the most minute detail can make the D less effective. Just my 2 cents. Hope I helped.