This week we are showing a popular concept in the Madden Community in which you can flip run plays without flipping the actual play! The “nation” is doing it with Inside Zones and we show you what everyone is doing. We then show you our twist on this by using this concept to create the Glitchiest FB Dive in Madden 16! We also show how to Lock Down Pistol Bunch in Dallas Playbook and finally the complete Quarter 137 Scheme including a Nasty B Gap Blitz and Full Adjustments! Enjoy….


  1. Flipping Inside Zones – Introducing this Run Concept | Week Trial & Premium
  2. Using Concept Above to Create an Extremely Glitchy Run Play | PREMIUM ONLY
  3. Locking Up the Pistol Bunch Automotion by using B Gap Blitz in QTR 137 | PREMIUM ONLY
  4. How to Play Max Coverage in Madden 16 + Part 1 of Quarter 137 SchemePREMIUM ONLY
  5. Full Quarter 137 Blitz SchemePREMIUM ONLY