Enjoy Our Green Bay Packer’s Free EBook For our Premium Members. If you enjoyed our Packers Ebook for Madden 13, you are going to absolutely LOVE THIS!! 10 Formations broken down with Gameplay Videos, and A Scheme Section from Both Litez and Fiasco!!!


1. Shotgun Bunch Str / Bunch Wk Breakdown

2. Singleback Ace – Mini Scheme 

2. 2 Concepts to Kill Cover 3 Zone

3. Intro to Shotgun Double Flex Wing

4. Shotgun Double Flex Wing Offensive Breakdown (Audibles)

5. SG Double Flex Wing Offensive Breakdown Part 2 (Plays you Can Come Out In)

6. Shotgun Doubles Scheme Breakdown 

7. Shotgun Wing Offset WK Scheme Breakdown

8. Shotgun Y Trips WK – PA WR IN 

9. Strong Close Scheme

10. Full House Scheme

11. I Form Tight Pair






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  1. nice breakdown of Greenbay book. Was wondering if sometime in the near future you could breakdown a defensive (next gen) play that will stop the strong powers, outside runs etc vs those that quick hike (hit A then flip play). Something that doesn’t require a lot of adjustments. I keep getting burned with the quick hikers, because my current run D out of 4-4 takes abit too long to setup against those types of players.

    any suggestions?