Madden 20 Tips - Best RPO Alert in Madden - Singleback Ace

Uncategorized Jul 14, 2019

In todays tip video we are covering what we think is the best RPO in Madden 20. This is a Stretch run from Singleback Ace with a Slant Alert option. The reason why this play will be great in Singleback Ace is because we can flip the play without our opponent knowing since the formation is symmetrical.


This means we have an outside right run with a backside slant option to the left

& it also means we have an outside left run with a backside slant option to the right!


This makes it very hard for our opponent to both stop the run and then user the slant and try to bait us into an interception. We simply just need to locate where our opponents user is, and have the slant on the other side of the field. 


Add that with an HB DIve or 01 Trap Run Play to the inside and you have a heck of a mini scheme.




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