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We truly feel confident that for our 1st Offensive Ebook of the Madden 18 year, we successfully broke down the BEST Offensive Playbook in Madden 18. The Texans Offense literally has everything you would need in order to have success on the Offensive side of the ball. You may have been struggling on Offense after this last patch, but we promise you won’t be any longer!

We covered 10 Formations and Over 40 Plays. All breaking down the Best Madden 18 Formations, and highlighting the Best Offensive Concepts you need to be using right now to win you games.

For our ebook, we wanted to highlight all of our favorite 3 WR 1 Tight End 1 Running back Formations and Plays in the Texans Book. We feel like the Texans playbook has some of the Best Quick Audibles, and that is extremely crucial when finding a successful Offense.. especially for Madden Ultimate Team.


Stop Struggling on Offense and Start Putting Up Points!


Formations Covered in Our Texans Ebook:

  1. Singleback Tight Slots
  2. Singleback Doubles South
  3. Singleback Doubles
  4. Pistol Tight Slots
  5. Gun Empty Y Texan
  6. Gun Doubles HB Wk
  7. Gun Trips TE Offset
  8. Gun Trips TE Flex
  9. Gun Y Trips Wk
  10. Gun Bunch Wk


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