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Everyone Welcome one of Maddendaily’s newest addition this year, Drag, who is making his content debut with a very efficient and unique Offense based out of the LA Chargers Playbook (all plays can also be found in Denver’s Playbook). Just to give you all a brief history, we have known and played with Drag for almost 10 years now and he has always been known to have creative offensive schemes, usually stemming in Shotgun Trips Te. This year is no different. He has been in Shotgun Trips TE since Day 1 and had adjusted his scheme accordingly to combat the meta as the year has progressed.

The offense will work in any game mode (MUT, Salary Cap, MUT Draft, Regular Teams) as it has been tested against a full secondary full of 91 Zone Coverage players against the most popular coverage schemes. Every video in this breakdown is against a complete 91 Zone Coverage secondary to further prove how effective the plays are.


This guide has a full Trips TE breakdown that includes:

  1. Passing Plays that work against any Zone coverage 
  2. Redzone Scheme
  3. Deep Bombs against any coverage
  4. Run Scheme

Other formations / video breakdowns include:

Shotgun Tight

Shotgun Trips Y- Flex

Video Breakdowns on how to attack 335 Normal Tampa 2, 335 Normal Dual Outside Heat, 34 Odd Show Blitz, and 335 Odd. Each video with various ways to approach offense against those defenses

[Gameplays in MUT / SC coming from Drag]

Videos by Fiasco