Madden 18 Buffalo Bills Playbook Breakdown

Initial Thoughts of the Buffalo Bills Offensive Playbook:


2 RB Scheme:

I form Pro: Corner Strike, Texas, PA Scissors with FB Dive, ISO and Stretch runs

Strong Pro: Really good formation to base a run oriented scheme around with the following running plays allowing you to attack all areas of the field (HB Off tackle, HB Dive, HB Toss Mtn, HB Draw) and combined with the passing plays FL Drive, DBL Pump n Go’s(Man to Man Killer on both sides of the field), PA Pound Draw Pass, PA Scissors, and two really good passing plays from the hidden close formation in Z Close PA Sail and Z Close PA Cross this formation is definitely one of the better formations in the game to build a full scheme around while being in a two running back oriented offense

Weak Close: The run game in this formation is kind of weak but the FB Power is a good run to keep your opponent honest as it can pick up 2-3 yards at the least with the potential for more if you have a player in the FB spot with solid speed (Think Falcons with coleman at FB). The main reason to use this formation is the passing plays which include Mesh, Bench Switch, PA Post Shot as these plays allow you to attack all areas of the field in the passing game with different motions.


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Bunch- Although they have tried to kill off this formation in general, the bills playbook still has 3 really good plays in Z Spot, Deep Corner, and Bench Pivot that you could audible into and have success

Gun Doubles Flex Wk Pats (Previously only in Patriots playbook but a very effective auto-motion scheme that has always been really good)

Gun Doubles Y Flex – This is one of my favorite formations this year as it is a spread offense and has the ability to flood the middle of the field or attack either sideline all without giving your opponent a tell. The Bills playbook has most of the good plays and is only really missing the play Circle but it does have Y Sail, Flood, PA Deep Outs, Slot Cross and Shark HB Wheel allowing us to attack all areas of the field with little to no worry for the opponents user

Gun Snugs Flipped – You have PA Flood Shot, Corner N Go’s (Glitchy low point pass), Mesh Switch, Bench/Bench Swap to flood zones and eliminate manning up specific receivers). The main thing I liked about this formation is the play Corner N Go’s which allows us to take advantage of zone coverage with low point passes to the “GO” routes once they make their hitch they will have plenty of leverage on the defensive backs for the low point. You just read the crossing routes to make sure the hook zones are pulled down and once they are, you pick up your 15 yard gain to whichever side the opponent isn’t usering. Mixing in the play Mesh Switch and PA Flood shot along with Bench Swap will have our opponent running all over the place with their user which will once again open up those low points in Corner and Go’s

Gun Trips TE – Same as Pats Trips TE (Pa Slot Corner, Drive Post, Inside Cross, Curl Flat, Double In Sail, PA Shot Wheel, Slot Screen, Inside Zone, Quick Base, HB Draw, Bills Y Post, PA Counter Go, and Bills Y In)


2 TE 2WR Scheme:

SB Ace – This formation has a really tough run scheme when you combine WR Quick, 01 Trap, and HB Stretch along with solid passing options of Skinny Posts, Y Shallow Cross, PA Crossers, PA Comebacks (PA Post Route by TE)

SB Ace Pair – This formation has a HB Stretch to the trips side along with 3 good passing plays Z Spot, Drive, and TE Attack