Madden 19 Atlanta Falcons Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts of the Madden 19 Atlanta Falcons Offensive Playbook:


2WR 2RB Scheme:

I form Close – A formation that has been ignored the last couple of years due to the in ability to incorporate deep crossing routes finally has one with the play PA Post Dig Shot. Combined with SE Post, PA Post and PA Waggle you have a legit passing game. In terms of the running game, you have a toss in HB Sweep, HB Stretch and Zone Weak which is a personal favorite of mine.

I form Pro – Passing plays like Cross In, PA Scissors, PA Draw shot and Bench are good enough to keep opponents honest with the run game including a FB Dive, ISO, and HB Stretch.

Strong Close – with a solid running game combined with simple yet effective passing concepts this formation has long been a staple in the Madden Community as it is very difficult to run man to man defense due to the alignment of the close receivers and the corners not aligning correctly unless pressed. You have plays like WR Out, Mesh, Y Trail, PA Scissors, PA Deep Cross and PA Deep to attack all areas of the field with corner/post routes and deep crossing routes and running plays like HB off tackle, HB Dive, Quick Toss you will be able to keep the defense honest.

Weak Close – A unique version of this formation as it has two really good shot plays in PA Post Shot and PA Boot Shot which are sending the deep cross running in opposite directions. Mix in Mesh and Bench Switch and the occasional FB Dive and you have an effective scheme.

Weak Pro – Really a three play formation with the plays WR drag, PA Cntr Shot Post, and Skinny Posts, you can audible to this quickly and attack with one/two hot routes to really make your opponent think quickly to adjust to the quick hike nature of this formation


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Stack Y Flex – PA Read/Fade out give you crossing routes from either side of the field while plays like Salem Pivot, Y-Sail, and Drive Wheel will give you plenty of options to attack the sidelines

Gun Trey Y Flex – Decent passing formation with plays like PA Crossers, Dagger, SE Corner, and Levels Y Corner. Run audible will be inside zone.

Gun Trio Falcon – Another Trips TE formation, this is going to be one of the better ones in the game with plays PA Fork Under, Smash Seam, PA Deep Attack, Bubble Screen, Dagger, PA Shot Wheel and HB Slip Screen. Run game will probably consist of a lot of HB Draws from this formation as HB Quick Base is hit or miss

Single back Y Trips – A really tough run scheme consisting of HB Stretch, HB Dive and 01 Trap combines with a couple good passing plays to keep your opponent from selling out against the run in Double China, Salem, and PA Slot Cross.