Madden 19 Baltimore Ravens Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts on the Madden 19 Baltimore Ravens Offensive Playbook :


2WR 2RB Scheme:

I form Close Flex – This is another formation that can utilize motion to create a complete scheme that attacks all areas of the field with plays like PA TE Corner, Bench, PA Cross Wheel and PA Spot to combine with a solid running scheme that will keep your opponents honest with HB Iso and HB Blast which is an outside run towards the receiver side as opposed to the ISO which is designed to go right up the middle towards the tight end side or bounced outside the TE if the defense over commits to the middle of the field.


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Doubles Y Flex – This is one of my favorite formations this year as it is a spread offense and has the ability to flood the middle of the field or attack either sideline all without giving your opponent a tell. The Main passing play in this formation is Circle, it has the high/low read of the running back and the deep cross. It’s extremely hard to blitz due to the ability to hit the streak in the middle of the field/running back combo and the wheel route by the slot receiver opposite the running back can be put on any route you really want. I prefer a drag/hitch. It also does have Y Sail, Deep Attack, and PA Deep Outs allowing us to attack all areas of the field.

Gun Trips Open – This formation has been long on potential for years but never seems to get the credit or use that it deserves. Iso Fade/Deep Attack are amazing plays to flood the middle of the field while also attacking the sidelines and PA Deep Outs was over used last year but has the ability to once again do work with good route running receivers.

Single back Trey – One of my main and favorite formations from last year, this formation has a lot of the main plays including PA Solid Corner, PA Boot, Corner Double In, WR Option, PA Y Glance and PA Boot . To go along with a glitchy run scheme including 01 Trap, HB Power O, HB Zone Wk and HB Dive


3 TE 1WR Scheme:

Gun Wing Pair – The Play Jet 6 Drive is really what makes this formation useable. Jet 6 Drive allows us to attack the sidelines with the corner route while also having the inverted fade/wheel/drag to hit if our opponent is a blitz heavy defender.  Four Verticals gives us two post routes worth using and a wheel route that we could hit if our opponent decides that hard flats aren’t needed. The run game is basically Inside Zone/Counter Wk as the read option will be hit or miss as well as the HB Power.