Madden 19 Chicago Bears Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts on the Madden 19 Chicago Bears Offensive Playbook :


3 WR 1 RB

Gun Tight Slots / Pistol Tight Slots Combo – 2 formations that look similar, but attack differently. You can establish a nice run game with the Dive & Counter, plus you have some unique passing plays like PA Post Shot. While in Gun Tight Slots, you should be more focused on the pass game (while mixing in the Draw and Quick Base.) We really like motioning the Runningback out to create a Compressed Bunch Tight Look. You have PA Seam as your Crossing Route play with 2 Blocking Delayed Blue Routes, you can Flood the left side easily with Drive Trail, and the new look of the play Mesh will be great as a short yardage Red Zone option.

Gun Doubles Y Off – A lowkey very good spread formation in Madden 19. You have Skinny Posts to both sides, Corner Routes on both sides, the really good deep crosser with PA Mtn Slide, Double Moves, and an Angle Route and Table Route to the Running Back. PA Bubble Y Over is like a makeshift RPO play that looks like an Inside Zone run, but has really solid pass options (including a bubble screen.)

Singleback Y Trips – Arguably the Best Run Combo from a 3 WR Formation. You have the 01 Trap / Toss Combo + a Power O and Dive. This formation is no slouch in the Pass Game either. You have a very good Crosser with PA Slot Cross, you have Corner Routes, Posts.. essentially everything needed in a Offense.