Madden 19 Cincinnati Bengals Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts on the Madden 19 Cincinnati Bengals Offensive Playbook :


3 WR 1 RB

Gun Doubles Y Flex – PA Read is 1 of the Best Madden 19 Plays so we will start there. I like that the TE is spread out but you still have that Blue Route to block right sided edge pressure. Texas Double Post has got to be a good play because it has so many unique routes. Z Spot and Y Trail have Table Routes to the Running Back which is always good to have in this game. You finally have Four Verticals, a Corner Route to the left with Smash Pivot, and a solid Run Game if they aren’t stacking the box.

Gun Trips TE Offset – You can do so much with the play X Under. Mix that in with PA Crossers, Levels Sail, a Bubble Screen, and a Read Option and you have a very good formation.

Monster / Monster Stack – You can actually audible inside this formation which makes it usable! They are trick play formations but can be good to sprinkle in every now and then.

Gun Tight Flex – Has a lot of buzz right now in the competitive tourny community as 1 of the early popular formations. PA Post Shot is very good, Mesh Spot is a good addition, and then you still have WR Cross and Double Spot. To top it off you have the Draw and Read Option.


3 WR 2 RB

Gun Split SlotĀ – FB Inside + HB Gut makes for a good run game attacking both sides of the field. PA F Slide gives you a Crosser / Post Combo, and then you have 2 Table Routes with Corner Strike. Only 9 plays total but still useable.


2 WR 2 TE

Singleback Deuce Close – Has the Best run in the game with 01 Trap. The 01 Trap, Stretch combo will be very hard to stop. Cinci also has PA Drag Wheel, PA X Post Cross, TE Angle, and Bench.