Madden 19 Cleveland Browns Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts of the Madden 19 Cleveland Browns Offensive Playbook :


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Bunch – Has the play Divide which has potential to be really good again since clouds don’t really play anything and purples will drop back too far. Also combines with the main plays in bunch being Bunch Trail, Deep Corner, Verticals and Z Spot. Has the potential to be one of the main playbooks for Bunch users as the year gets going

Gun Trey Open – This formation has three really good plays in Post Hitch Post, Salem and Z Under. This formation also has Corner Strike which I am sure will be a solid zone beater and Dig N Go which is a great play to beat man to man coverage with the double move and the angle route out of the backfield, the inverted fade combined with the slot receiver on the drag will be able to flood the middle of the field in case they are in a two man under shell since a hook zone won’t be able to play the drag/fade/angle route.

Gun  Trips  TE – Although a watered down version of the more popular Trips TE’s in the game, this book has some of the main passing plays in Drive Post, PA Slot Corner, Double In Sail, PA Counter Go and PA Wheel Shot. Combine these with a read option has potential for a dangerous scheme with a mobile QB like Lamar Jackson or in MUT whenever they release Mike Vick.


2 TE 2WR Scheme:

Single back Wing Stack – One of my personal favorite formations the last couple years, this playbook has all of the main passing plays from this formation in Under, Smash Drive, Drive, PA Dig, Double Corner, PA Fork, and Curl Post Drag to go along with a really effective run scheme with one of the best runs in the game (HB Belly Wk), a HB Dive/Stretch combo and HB Zone wk. This is going to be one of the main formations that I start the year out in