Madden 19 Dallas Cowboys Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts of the Madden 19 Dallas Cowboys Offensive Playbook :



3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Bunch – Another year of gun bunch will surely hit us at some point this year and this formation has a lot of good plays to attack man and zone defense alike. The Play Trail has potential to become one of the main staples of any gun bunch led offence due to the ability to attack the sidelines with the speed out by the ISO receiver that was removed from plays like Corner Strike and PA Post. In addition you have plays like Cross/Z Spot/Y Curl/ Bench Pivot and Dig Return that could be used to scheme together some nice route combos.

Gun Doubles Offset – A sneaky formation to become popular due to the 01 Trap/Salem Kitty/Angle Smash/X Dagger combo allowing you to attack the sidelines from the two receiver side while also having to worry about mesh post concepts from both sides of the field.

Gun Trio Falcon – what is essentially another trips te formation just with a different name, this formation has all of the plays you need to dominate. PA Shot Wheel, Seam and Dagger make up a killer 3 play passing scheme. Having the ability to run a HB Draw, Quick Base or an Inside zone gives you a couple running options to mix in as well depending on personal preference in the run game.

Gun Trips TE Offset – This is a really good quick audible to go with Trio Falcon, this formation allows us to have Levels Sail, PA Crossers, PA Bubble and an 01 Trap ready whenever we want to audible to a quick hiking formation

Gun Empty Trips TE – Has a QB Draw now added to the formation. If you use a QB like Cam or Lamar Jackson, this formation can definitely be usable.


2 TE 2WR Scheme:

Single back Bunch Ace – Year after Year I seem to always end up really liking this formation. This playbook has a lot of things to like regarding this formation, the play Divide could once again be a killer play to mix in due to how the zones play the outward breaking routes, You have the plays Drive/Z Spot which both take advantage of flood concepts to the bunch side of the field from different receivers so your opponent will struggle to man up the route they think would be beating their zone. You have Dig Return which gives you a delayed post route going from left to right to mix in with the PA Fork Shot play which has a post route being ran by the outside receiver on the bunch side and most importantly, you have one of the best new plays they put into madden 19 in PA Cross Switch which gives you two post routes that completely kill man and also attack the zones at different times so your opponent will have to be on point with their user. On top of all of that, you have HB Slash and Quick Pitch which are both solid runs