Madden 19 Denver Broncos Playbook Breakdown

Our Thoughts on the Madden 19 Denver Broncos Offensive Playbook :


2 RB Scheme:

Iform Close – This formation is unique because it has two really good run plays that go in opposite directions so your opponent can not over commit and it combines that with the ability to attack both sidelines and completely flood the middle of the field all while having excellent pass protection and mostly freeing up our running backs to be utilized as motion routes to attack with wheels/slants. X Drag can be used to attack the middle of the field or the sidelines depending on what your wanting to do, PA Boot has the ability to attack both the left sideline as well as the middle of the field on quick hitting routes, PA Waggle allows us to kill cover 2 defenses with the deep corner route and PA Post Dig Shot will give us a glitchy crossing route as well as a cover 4 bomb if we have enough speed being ran by the deep post

Iform Pro – This is the perfect quick audible to/from iform close as it will give us the ability to hit with quick inside runs in FB dive/ISO while also having one of my favorite passing plays in PA Draw shot which can bomb any coverage in the game besides a two man under. The ability to hit bench/PA Power O to attack the sidelines or PA post Shot/X Post to attack the middle of the field with either receiver or the tight end will make manning up from zone a complete headache.


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Trips TE – The exact same plays as last year, has all the answers you would need to dominate in the passing game (Pa Slot Corner, Drive Post, Inside Cross, Curl Flat, Double In Sail, PA Shot Wheel, Slot Screen, Inside Zone, HB Draw, X Spot, and PA Counter Go)

Single back Dice Slot – Sleeper passing formation with the plays PA Flow attacking the middle of the field and also flooding zones to the left, PA Draw shot which will allow you to attack with a deep crossing route/ hi-low read over the middle of the field which also doesn’t really get guarded by zone if they bite down with the user, PA Y-Corner will allow you to attack the sidelines on the right side of the field with a deep in route coming back over the middle of the field and Fade Smash will give you the ability to attack with the tight end as the primary crossing route to keep your opponent from simply manning him up with a defensive tackle which is a popular way to stop the tight end drags. Running game is pretty week but does have a HB Dive and a Power O.


2 TE 2WR Scheme:

Single back Wing Slot – Run game will consist of HB stretch, HB dive, counter weak while the passing game has some really nice passing plays in Inside Cross, PA Boot LT, PA FL Dive, TE Slot, U Drive Check, PA Fork and PA Post Shot. Another formation that allows you to run the ball semi-effectively and also  be able to attack both sidelines along with the middle of the field. PA Post shot will have the glitchy crossing route that zones don’t guard (Besides purples and a pass commit/inverted coverage), U Drive Check forces our opponent to respect the deep in/post combo along with the drags underneath. PA Fork/TE Spot will be our plays to attack the sideline with flat/corner routes. Inside Cross is a nice quick hike play along with PA FL Dive and PA Boot LT gives us a motion play to force our opponent to respect motion by the slot receiver.