Madden 19 Detroit Lions Playbook Breakdown

Initial Thoughts of the Detroit Lions Offensive Playbook:



2WR 2RB Scheme:

Single back Bunch Base – Bunch Dig, Deep Post, Z Spot and Dig Return all have the ability to attack deep areas of the field as well as the sideline however the run game is kind of weak with the only real run being the quick pitch


Strong Slot Flex – One of Litezout’s favorite early formations that no one uses. You have the passing routes you need while having a solid run game with a FB Dive, HB Dive, Stretch, and Toss. It’s no secret that we like to motion out halfbacks or fullbacks out wide while still having a run game threat. You can do that easily while motioning either of them to the right. You have the good deep crossing route with the play PA Sprint HB Flat. Also, if you utilize motion with one of the WRs on the left to the right, not only will it make the run game better, but you can now have a Post Route to either side, a Corner Route to either side (PA Boot Slide, PA Counter Post), you have an Angle Route to the Fullback in Curl Flat as well. You definitely have enough things to work with and it is pretty unique to just this playbook. 


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Doubles HB Wk – Good formation with the likes of TE Wheel to dominate man coverage, Corner Strike for zone floods, PA Read for a mesh post concept with the post attacking from the right side of the field to compliment the TE wheel post route perfectly, Y Cross for a great crossing route from the tight end spot and a pretty unique 01 Trap.


Shotgun Eagle H Tight – The ability to have dual delay routes to eliminate the pressure your likely to face when you don’t a running back in the back field makes this formation very tough to deal with. The routes will be there with the plays Stick, Deep In, WR PoCo, Mesh, Slot Wheel, WR Corners, and Stick Nod attack all areas of the field.