Madden 19 Green Bay Packers Playbook Breakdown

Initial Thoughts of the Green Bay Packers Offensive Playbook:


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Doubles Flex – One of the better passing formations the last couple years due to the effectiveness of PA Stutter Post having two crossing routes that are really good combined with PA FL Fly, Inside Cross, PA Dagger, Flanker Dig, Packers Slot Post and HB Circle gives the offense a ton of options that forces the defensive user into guarding multiple routes in the middle of the field all attacking at different depths. If they get overly aggressive the crossing routes end up crossing the opposite hash and allows you to hit them on the sidelines to both sides of the field.


Gun Stack Y Flex – PA Read/Fade out give you crossing routes from either side of the field while plays like Salem Pivot, Y-Sail, and Drive Wheel will give you plenty of options to attack the sidelines


Gun Tight Offset TE – One of the better formations the last couple years, this year should be no different.  01 Trap is the primary running play at launch and the ability to attack all zones to either side with Bench/Spot combined with Y out being able to attack both zone and man coverage makes this formation very difficult to defend yet also very easy to run.


2 TE 2WR Scheme:

Single back Ace Pair – Similar to last year this formation has potential to be great.  The passing combination of Drive and TE Attack combined with HB Dive/HB Stretch/HB Toss Strong the run game will open up passing lanes for the offensive attack


Single back Ace Slot – Another formation that has a Toss/Stretch/Dive combination but with more passing options. PA Flanker Stretch, Smash, PA Boot