Madden 19 Houston Texans Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts of the Madden 19 Houston Texans Offensive Playbook :


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Eagle H- Slot – This formation is really effective due to one play, Fork. It attacks the zones on the trips side with your standard zone flood while also giving you two routes to attack at a high/low read on the left hand side which forces your opponent to basically pick your poison. Mixing in Slant Flood as well as Double Drags will keep your opponent from just sending pressure and trying to user the entire middle of the field.


2WR 2TE Scheme:

Gun Wing Flex Offset – Combines 01 Trap with an Inside Zone for the run game and then you have four solid passing plays in PA Double Post, PA Slide, Wheel Post Drag and Smash allowing you to attack over the middle of the field and both sidelines.


2RB 2TE Scheme:

I form Twin TE – A slept on formation that will not be used heavily in the meta, this formation actually has some really good passing plays as well as runs. The passing Plays PA Power O, PA Boot Flow, Post Shot, and PA X Burst Cross all have different ways of attacking zones over the middle of the field and also on the sidelines. I don’t expect this formation to get a lot of play but I could see a person who schemes around this formation do really well just because of the unique look and the initial thought that it should be a run heavy formation. The runs are HB Toss, HB Lead Dive, HB Stretch and FB Dive


Two Other Formations we really think can be good in Madden 19 is Gun Split Slot and Pistol Strong Slot Open . The Pistol has a Triple Option which can be very effective, especially with Watson.