Madden 19 Indianapolis Colts Playbook Breakdown

Initial Thoughts of the Indianapolis Colts Offensive Playbook:


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Doubles Y Flex – This is one of my favorite formations this year as it is a spread offense and has the ability to flood the middle of the field or attack either sideline all without giving your opponent a tell. The Colts playbook has most of the good plays and is only really missing the play Circle but it does have Y Sail, Flood, PA Deep Outs, Slot Cross and Shark HB Wheel allowing us to attack all areas of the field with little to no worry for the opponents user

Gun Snugs Flipped – This playbook has all of the good plays with the dual delay routes (PA Clown Shot/PA Eagle Seam/Wheel PoCo) to go along with Wheel Switch for a dominate zone beater as well as Bench Swap (Table route included) and Drive Trail for the Man to Man beater that includes a nasty angle route by the running back. Also focusing on the running back, the play Mesh has a running back on a sick little wheel route similar to the play Mesh Post last year from bunch. This route kills man to man if he gets manned up. The runs in this formation are sweep, HB draw, and quick base.

Trips TE Flex – An Extremely popular formation last year gets a few new plays that can really make this annoying to defend against. The Play Dagger and the play Y Out N Up can take the levels sail and PA Shot Crossers mini scheme to a new level of annoying. Runs included in this formation are inside zone, draw and outside zone.

Trips TE Offset – One of the best audible formations to quick hike when running the levels sail scheme from last year, this formation has PA Crossers, Y Under, and most importantly 01 trap to go along with yet another levels sail play.

Single back Trey – One of my main and favorite formations from last year, this formation has a lot of the main plays including PA Solid Corner, PA Boot, Corner Double In, WR Option, PA Y Glance and PA Boot . To go along with a glitchy run scheme including 01 Trap, HB Power O, HB Zone Wk and HB Dive

2 TE 2WR Scheme:

Single back Wing Flex – One of the first formations I try to run every single year for the past few years, PA Y-Drag Wheel combined with PA Ctr Waggle and PA Y-Cross combine for crazy crossing routes attacking both sidelines add in Quick Slants, PA Boot LT and PA FL Dive to complete the passing scheme. The play PA FL Dive adds a bench concept to attack zones on the right side of the field while PA Boot Lt can be used as a motion mesh post concept or a standard zone beater with no motion involved. The running game is extremely effective as HB Stretch/01 Trap/Counter Wk/HB Zone Wk are all crazy effective runs when mixed in correctly.