Madden 19 Jacksonville Jaguars Playbook Breakdown

Initial Thoughts of the Jacksonville Jaguars Offensive Playbook:


2WR 2RB Scheme:

I form Pro – This formation doesn’t have all of the plays I wish it did, mainly PA Draw Shot but it does have a unique play that can truly be a staple of the passing offense from this formation in the play Post. The Double move corner routes will pop zone coverage and the backside short post route could be deadly against zone coverage since it forces your opponent to stay in the middle of the field allowing you to hit the back side post corner route. Combined with PA power O and Mid Attack your opponent will have a lot of routes to manually guard while in zone coverage. Toss, ISO and FB dive will keep your opponent honest in the run game.


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Open Flex – Having a Toss / Dive combo in Shotgun is always going to be something you need to look at every Madden year. The issue with this formation was the lack of passing plays, but now that Crossing routes are really good in Madden 19, PA Mtn Slide and X Seam got much better. If you mix this formation with other Gun 3 WR formations like Shotgun Tight, you can have a very nice scheme in the Jags book.


2 WR 2 TE Scheme

Single back Ace – A normally dominate run formation, in this playbook it is more of a passing formation with the likes of Spot HB Swing, Salem X Kitty, PA X Burst Cross, PA Flood Weak to go along with the occasional WR Quick ,HB Stretch, or Power O.


Jaguars book has a ton more 2 TE Formations that gel well together including Singleback Deuce Close, Wing, Wing Stack, and Gun Ace Offset. They also added an assortment of 2 Runningback formations to help with the Power Run Game.