Madden 19 Kansas City Chiefs Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts of the Madden 19 Kansas City Chiefs Offensive Playbook:




3WR 1RB Scheme:

Shotgun Bunch Quads – The only playbook in the game with this formation, if you’re comfortable passing from a five wide look the plays Spot/Inside Post/ Drag under/Bunch Trail have all the routes you could need. The only downside is as of the beta the QB draw was extremely nerfed.

Shotgun Eagle H Tight – This formation is a perfect complement to your five wide type scheme due to the ability to have dual delay routes to eliminate the pressure your likely to face when you don’t a running back in the back field. The routes will be there with the plays Stick, Deep In, Dbl Slot Cross, Fork, and Stick Nod.

Single back Y Trips – The ability to audible down to an over powered running formation that includes 01 Trap, HB Dive and a HB Toss to go along with really good passing plays in Double China, KC China, PA Slot Cross is absolute money.