Madden 19 Miami Dolphins Playbook Breakdown

Initial Thoughts of the Miami Dolphins Offensive Playbook:


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Bunch Open Offset – This formation is interesting for 4 plays, it has Sprint Z Spot, Y Trail, and Flood combined with an 01 Trap. Sprint Z Spot attacks zones really nicely, while Y Trail is geared at attacking the opposite side of the field as Z Spot and the play Flood is a basically designed to kill cover 2 deep. This formation could be a nice scheme to mix in just to keep your opponent thinking.

Gun Bunch TE – This formation will most likely be the main formation you see online to start the year in Madden 19. PA Boot Over is once again dominate, the ability the hit X Spot/TE Corner at will against zone defenses and the ability to run Inside Switch/Mesh to annoy your opponent with the audible game is a virtual lock to become a top 3-5 formation when the game officially drops.


2 TE 2WR Scheme:

Single back Wing Stack – This is a really good formation just lacking a couple of the plays. Overall the plays Smash, TE Spot, Curl Post Drag can still get the job done, but if you’re going to run this formation as a primary there are other books in the game with more options. However, none of them have Bunch TE which as I mentioned very easily could become the main offense for tournament players this year. The run game is there with the plays HB Dive, HB Stretch, HB Belly Weak, and HB Zone Wk