Madden 19 Minnesota Vikings Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts on the Madden 19 Minnesota Vikings Offensive Playbook :



Every year this formation seems to glitch the players in zone with the Power O/Counter, mixed in with the Blast RT and the occasional passing play in PA Jet Sweep/PA Jet Cross this formation can be used as a mix in just to throw your opponent off guard. If it works a couple plays good, if not you simply scrap it for the game. Treat it similar to how the NFL has started to use it.


2WR 2TE Scheme:

Single back Bunch Ace – This formation has everything you need in terms of passing the ball. Plays like Drive/Z Spot offer you zone flooding ability while Divide/PA Fork Shot/FL Drive all possess great man beating principles. The Run game has two solid options in Inside Zone/Quick Pitch.


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Empty Bunch Wide – A unique formation because of the ability to motion the running back into the backfield to allow you the extra bit of protection if you think your opponent is bringing pressure. Although you don’t truly have a run game out of this formation since they nerfed QB draw, the passing plays are extremely effective and could be a nightmare to defend for coverage defense. Post Corner Read, Drag Curl, Z Spot Smash, Drive Y Corner and Drive Wheel all have the ability to flood zones on the sidelines as well as over the middle of field.  The only downside to this formation is the lack of a run game.