Madden 19 New England Patriots Playbook Breakdown

Initial Thoughts of the New England Patriots Offensive Playbook:



2WR 2RB Scheme:

Gun Split Close Pats – Another potential formation that could turn into the meta offense. The ability to have dual delay routes to pick up pressure by the running backs combined with the ability to flood the middle of the field and also both sidelines make this a formation to really get used to running and/or defending. PA F Slide, X Drag Trail, WR Corners, HB Wheel, Z Spot, and PA Y Shot combined with two really good run plays in HB Power O and HB Draw are a lock to create one of the most effective offenses in the game.


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Shotgun Bunch – Bucs Sail… Need I say more, it’s not as effective in terms of abusing the C route but the Mesh Post concept from this play is still deadly as is the ability to flood zones utilizing the C route. Also not to be slept on is the fade route that will beat man press for a TD. 518 Hook, has potential to return to prominence with the Mesh Post concept from last year. Overall a solid two play combo just like last year but it lacks the ability to constantly beat zone and would be used mostly as a complimentary formation as opposed to your main formation in the book


Gun Doubles Flex Wk Pats – A very effective auto-motion scheme that has always been really good. Forces your opponent to pay attention to the motion guy and once they do opens up the backside post route.


Gun Trips TE – Same as last year(Pa Slot Corner, Drive Post, Inside Cross, Curl Flat, Double In Sail, PA Shot Wheel, Slot Screen, Inside Zone, Quick Base, HB Draw, Pats Y Post, PA Counter Go, and Pats Y In) all give you options of hitting the entire field and utilize a killer motion scheme to keep your opponents head spinning


Gun U Trips Wk – Another formation that seems like it has been good since the beginning of time, this one was kind of slept on in Madden 18 but is back and in full effect. The ability to send multiple crossing routes at your opponent from a bunch of different plays as well as hit nice zone beaters in Scat will keep the chains moving even against the best of opponents. Plays I would recommend are Curl Flats, Pats Slot Out, TE Whip, Stutter Curl Seam, TE Deep Out, PA Pats Cross, Scat, and Pats Y Out



Single back Tight Slots – Last year this formation was extremely popular but no one really ran it from this playbook because of the lack of HB Pitch. This year with pitch being nerfed you can actually use this formation in this book as a staple of your offense because of the plays PA Y-Shot and Drag Cross Ups, Combined with HB Wheel and Bench you have a truly dominate passing scheme. Run audible would be HB Dive.