Madden 19 New Orleans Saints Playbook

Our Initial Thoughts of the Madden 19 New Orleans Saints Offensive Playbook :


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Pistol Bunch TE – A staple from the past couple years, this formation is back at it again with the ability to attack easily through the air as well as having solid runs. The passing plays I would focus on in this scheme would be Spot Option, Cross Drag, Verticals, Curl Flat combined with the Hb Zone, HB Draw and the strong power in the run game

Gun Eagle H- Slot – This formation is really effective due to one play, Saints Fork. It attacks the zones on the trips side with your standard zone flood while also giving you two routes to attack at a high/low read on the left hand side which forces your opponent to basically pick your poison. Mixing in Saints Slant Flood as well as Saints Drags will keep your opponent from just sending pressure and trying to user the entire middle of the field.

Shotgun Eagle H Tight – This formation is a perfect complement to your five wide type scheme due to the ability to have dual delay routes to eliminate the pressure your likely to face when you don’t a running back in the back field. The routes will be there with the plays Stick, Deep In, Mesh, WR Corners, Drive Unders, and Stick Nod.

Single back Tight Slots – A popular formation almost every year since I can remember,  tight slots will be back in full effect this year with HB Wheel, Bench Switch, Deep Post causing headaches for your opponent. The run game is definitely tuned down as the pitch is not nearly as effective as it was last year but it can still pick up big yards if you catch your opponent over reacting to the HB Dive. I really like the ability to audible from SB Tight Slots up to Gun Tight Offset TE since no one will really move.

Gun Tight Offset TE – One of the better formations the last couple years, this year should be no different.  01 Trap is the primary running play at launch and the ability to attack all zones to either side with Bench/Spot combined with Y out being able to attack both zone and man coverage makes this formation very difficult to defend yet also very easy to run. Perfect Complement to Single back Tight Slots.