Madden 19 New York Giants Playbook

Initial Thoughts of the New York Giants Offensive Playbook:



2WR 2RB Scheme:

I form Pro – PA Draw Shot is one of my favorite two running back plays due to the big play nature of it and when you mix in PA Power O, PA Middle Shot, PA Ctr Shot and Mid Attack to combine with an effective run game of HB Toss and ISO you have the ability to keep your opponent honest while also being able to take advantage of over aggressive opponents.


I form Slot Flex – The main thing to like about this formation is the ability to toss the ball to the two wide receiver side of the formation. Mix that in with the HB lead dive and HB blast you have a crazy effective run scheme. Hitch Corner, PA FB Flat and PA Cross F Wheel will give the opponent things to think about when you are actually passing the ball since we are able to attack the middle of the field and also the sidelines to both sides


Pistol Strong – A formation that allows you to attack the deep middle of the field with both outside receivers and the sidelines to both sides while also having a decent run game can never be ignored. Z Spot, X Post, PA Flood, PA Corner HB Slip and HB Off Tackle/ HB Dive has the potential if mixed in well to really be a headache for your opponent



3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Trey – China Smash allows you to attack the left sidelines while levels Sail allows you to attack the right sidelines and Dagger/PA Post Shot will allow you to attack the deep middle of the field with the glitch crossing routes.