Madden 19 NY Jets Playbook Breakdown

Initial Thoughts of the New York Jets Offensive Playbook:



2WR 2RB Scheme:

I form Close – A formation that has been ignored the last couple of years due to the in ability to incorporate deep crossing routes finally has one with the play PA Post Dig Shot. Combined with SE Post, PA Post and PA Waggle you have a legit passing game. In terms of the running game, you have a toss in HB Sweep, HB Stretch and Zone Weak which is a personal favorite of mine (Rich).


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Eagle H Tight – The ability to have dual delay routes to eliminate the pressure your likely to face when you don’t a running back in the back field is clutch. The routes will be there with the plays Stick, Deep In, Mesh, Slot Deep Post, Drive Unders  and Stick Nod.


Gun Stack Y Off Wk – Curl Switch, Bench Switch, Double Corner and 01 Trap all create a nice little mini scheme that will attack the middle of the field and both sidelines to keep your opponent guessing.


Gun Stack Y Flex – PA Read/Fade out give you crossing routes from either side of the field while plays like Salem Pivot, Y-Sail, and Drive Wheel will give you plenty of options to attack the sidelines


Single back Tight Slots – A popular formation almost every year since I can remember,  tight slots will be back in full effect this year with HB Wheel, Bench Switch, Deep Post causing headaches for your opponent. The run game is definitely tuned down as the pitch is not nearly as effective as it was last year but it can still pick up big yards if you catch your opponent over reacting to the HB Dive.



Single back Trio – What has potential to be the HB Pitch from last year, the HB toss from this formation can really cause issues for your opponents who don’t base align, combined with the HB Dive and Zone Weak/Stretch you have all the run plays you could need to take advantage of opponents. Drive Wheel, PA Boot, Slot Chase are all solid passing plays from this formation to go along with the bubble screen.


2 TE 2RB Scheme:

Strong Tight – This formation has potential to be the most used “heavy” offense in madden 19. The HB Dive, FB Dive, HB Stretch, HB Toss, Country Wk, Power O plays give you almost every kind of run you could want with solid passing plays like PA Slide, PA Power O, and PA TE Cross give you all sorts of zone and man beating routes