Madden 19 Pittsburgh Steelers Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts of the Madden 19 Pittsburgh Steelers Offensive Playbook :


3WR 1RB Scheme: 

Gun Empty Bunch – Although QB draw is no longer over powered, the passing scheme is still there with Z Spot, Divide Wheel, Curl Flats, Z Spot N Go, Verticals, and Y Curl

Gun Empty X-Trip – This formation is nice for really only one play and that is Steelers Cross, this play is great to audible up to because it gives you two crossing routes that must be manually guarded going towards both sides of the field so if you can get the time in the pocket, you know one of them will be open. It’s Important to mix in a drag and/or motion block someone to give yourself a little more time. The play corner strike from this formation can be used as a zone flood but will no longer kill man coverage like it has in years past.

Gun Tight Doubles – Combines Cross Wheels with Bench, Z Spot, Flood Drive, Tight Curl and Shot Fade Cross to give you the best Gun Tight Doubles in the entire game.

Gun Stack Y Flex – PA Read/Fade out give you crossing routes from either side of the field while plays like Salem Pivot, Y-Sail, and Drive Wheel will give you plenty of options to attack the sidelines

Gun Bunch – One of the Better Gun Bunch Playbooks with Bunch Trail, Steelers Cross, Double Cross, and Deep Corner.


2 WR 2 TE Scheme:

Single back Deuce Close – 1 of 2 playbooks with 01 Trap which is arguably the Best Run in the game!