Madden 19 San Francisco 49ers Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts on the Madden 19 San Francisco 49ers Offensive Playbook



2 RB 2 WR

Nothing has changed with the 49ers playbook from Madden 18 to Madden 19 as far as plays and formations added. However, in our opinion we feel like the I Form / Strong I / Weak I combo is much better this year than last. One of Litezout’s favorite formations to start the year is in fact I Form Close Flex. We love the run and pass game in I Form Close Flex. PA Cross F Wheel is a great play that you can use in many ways. PA TE Corner, Flanker Drive, and Mesh are more situational but effective in the scheme. If you mix that formation with Strong Close, Weak Close, I Close. you can get very creative with a compressed 2 back look. We even really like the 49ers I Form Pro because of the play PA Draw shot. Both Crossers destroy man coverage and it is a good audible to get a little more of a spread look.


2 RB 3 WR

Gun Split Close – Now has FB Inside which gives you a run to the left to go with Power O. You can pass out of this formation very similar to past Maddens with HB Wheel, WR Corner, PA F Slide, and Fb Trail being the main plays.


3 WR 1 RB

Utilize the Trips formations from Shotgun. Gun Trey, Gun Trey Y Flex, Trio Open, Trey Open, etc. You also have Gun Tight, Gun Doubles Y Flex, and Gun Wing Tight. So as you can see, even though 2 Runningback is priority #1, there are still an assortment of plays and formations if you need to mix it up.