Madden 19 Seattle Seahawks Playbook Breakdown

Our Initial Thoughts of the Madden 19 Seattle Seahawks Offensive Playbook :


3WR 1RB Scheme:

Gun Empty Bunch – Although QB draw is no longer over powered, the passing scheme is still there with Z Spot, Divide Wheel, Curl Flats, Verticals, and Y Curl

Gun Bunch TE – This formation will most likely be the main formation you see online to start the year in Madden 19. PA Boot Over is once again dominate, the ability the hit X Spot at will against zone defenses and the ability to run Inside Switch/Stick to annoy your opponent with the audible game is a virtual lock to become a top 3-5 formation when the game officially drops.


2 TE 2WR Scheme:

Single back Deuce Close – Although not as good as last year in terms of running the ball since wham is nerfed, this formation still has some of the best passing plays in the game with TE Angle, PA Stretch Shot, PA Misdirection, Bench, PA X Post Cross. The run game consists of Stretch and HB Zone Wk with the occasional HB Wham mixed in if your opponent spreads their defensive line.

Pistol Ace – Strong Power might be the best run in the game from this formation due to the fact that it is symmetrical and also over powered. Combined with solid passing plays like Corner Post and FL Cross its just enough to make your opponent want to pull their hair out

Gun Ace Offset – Another Formation that is geared towards the run first with 01 Trap/Inside zone combo this formation has two passing plays that are worth using in Z Spot and PA Read and compliments nicely with Pistol Ace

Gun Ace Slot Offset – Yet another formation that is geared towards the run first with 01 Trap/Inside zone, this one however is much more balanced as it has multiple good passing plays in PA Verts Shot, PA Post Shot, Post Wheel Shallow, Smash and Levels Y Sail